The Forest
In 1986 my three-year-old legs struggled to move my body fast enough as I explored the colossal mountains, towering trees, and vibrant plants of the North Cascades. Every bend in the trail, revealed a magnificent scene of contrast, composition and master creativity. It was on these paths, or more often off these paths, I learned I wanted to create. I believe in designing honest experiences and brands that evoke emotion, ignite action and improve quality of life.
The Castle
Fast-forward four years and you’ll find a boy investing every free minute in architecting castles, spaceships, and race cars. A Master Builder. Even now, almost thirty years later, my closet hosts a vast collection of castles, dragons, and knights. Legos taught me that great experiences and impressive creations are built upon a structure of elements. It’s this foundational knowledge that inspires every atomic-based digital experience or system-based brand that I craft. Many people may believe systems hinder creativity; I believe it unlocks it.
The Camp
At fourteen years old I found myself in the middle of a heated battle of dysfunctional teenage teams competing with each other to be the first to complete an obstacle course that plagued every youth camp in existence. At a key moment, our team realized we needed a leader, and much to my surprise their eyes fell upon me. I could tell you that I thought, “I can do this, I will devise a plan, and I will lead this team to victory!,” but in truth I thought, “RUN”. Nonetheless, I did lead, and we failed miserably. But here I learned, it’s ok to fail, and it’s even better to improve and win.
User Experience
Creative Direction

Creative Director _ 6/14 - Current
Creative Director _ 2/11 - 6/14
Art Director _ 11/11 - 3/13
Spin Media Marketing
Art Director _ 6/10 - 11/11
The Moderns
Intern _ 6/10 - 9/10
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